A Wall of Wood For Any Empty Space

Dsgn & DIY

The {P}Inspiration:


We have some really great wood and supply stores around us in North Texas. I was able to dig through their scrap wood and get a whole basket for about $4.00!


At this point, we began to stain the wood, which was a terribly long process due to the types of wood. Cedar board, especially the fence post scraps, were the hardest to stain! There were a lot of uneven parts, and a lot of gloves were torn. My hands stayed brown for a few days after this project! We used Carrington stain to match all the other wood in the house.


 After letting it dry for a few days, I moved it into our living room to start a general layout for the wood. I hammered sawtooth photo hangers into the back of each piece to make it flush.

IMG_1104 IMG_1105_3

 After hanging all of the pieces up…

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