Why the Conversion Rate KPI is essential for your website’s success

Pascal Lauscher Brand- & Marketing Consulting München

Website traffic is never free. Really. Even the organic google traffic you are getting isn’t free. You did spend time and often money to generate content, that drew the google traffic to your site. Or you put time and money into building quality links and get your site promoted. Additionally you are usually paying for traffic, for instance using Google Adwords CPC or Banner ads to generate more traffic. So at the end of the day every click through to your website was paid.

Measuring Conversion rate is important

There is a nice little formula that you should keep in mind, which an e-commerce shop owner told me a while ago:

Traffic x conversion = revenue

Even if this is just a very narrow view on eShops, there is a deeper truth hidden in this statement. It just shows that you need to think about converting the traffic towards your…

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