The Art of Deflecting Hurtful Comments

Raindrops & Fireflies

Stick and stones may break my bones
But words hurt the heart.

The reality of the situation is: humans are imperfect beings, and for some reasons, we often hurt each other (albeit unintentionally or not). Derogative words by strangers who barely know you could bring you down. And often times, the most painful of wounds came from the people closest to us.

I started to reflect about this topic a few days ago when someone close to me said some things that were kind of mean. In retrospect, it was a pretty minor incident. But it caused me to think: is there any better ways for me to deal with such situation instead of being wallowed in misery?

So I thought, if we can’t control the words that people speak to us… is there any good ways to deflect these hurtful comments?

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