Lemon Lavender Cake With White Chocolate Buttercream




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Hello my cake lovers!!  Lemon Lavender Cake With White Chocolate Buttercream.  I’ve been craving these flavors for quite sometime now.   By now some of you know that I love adding things that bring some health benefit to my baking and cooking.  No matter how little, every bit counts lol.  I want to start off by showing you some of the benefits of Lavender:


I obtained this info from Miss Fitness 43, click to learn benefits of many other spices etc.

Benefits of Lemons:


That info was obtained through Organic Facts.  Click to learn more.

Back to the cake.  I made the yellow sections with the lemon cake and the Lavender sections with the Lavender Cake.   Each flavor pops in your mouth.   Even though they are separate, they mingle in your mouth tantalizing your senses.   Along with the melted White Chocolate, it’s an amazing combination.



I decided to go…

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