Pear and cranberry sorbet

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Pear and cranberry sorbet

Using pear (poire) perry, ( pear cider ) to give a light frothy texture to this sorbet. Fabulously festive or some thing a little sassy and kight. Serve with a slice of cranberry and pear tart. A dried, crisp pear wafer and a skewer of candied cranberries. Steal a few cranberries in the early stages of compote manufacture, spear onto a cocktail stick, and dredge in icing/ confectioners sugar. Try the textures of cold sorbet, warm tart and pear crisp .

The sorbet served alone is almost healthy and not too sweet.

For the sorbet:


2-3 cranberries fresh or frozen
2 cups of pear, peeled, cored and chopped.
1/2 bottle of pear perry, (we use Thatchers West Country)
1 cup of golden caster sugar
A few twists of black pepper

Place the cranberries, sugar, pepper and about half a cup of the perry into a…

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