Sunday supper: gypsy chicken

Peaches & Poppycock

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so remember a couple weeks ago when i got that box of goodies from that nice lady in California? well the wine has been amazing, i mean like every single bottle i’ve cracked open. but there are still a few pantry items i haven’t yet gotten into. so tonight, bored with the same old 16 things i always do with chicken, i thought i’d see if the Savour This Kitchen Gypsy Spice Blend made for an interesting addition. um. OMG, yes! Emma had included a note saying her family likes it on roasted vegetables and especially sweet potatoes. that sounded excellent, but here i was with 2 pounds of chicken and no sweet potatoes. so that would have to wait.

gypsyspiceblenda blend of paprika, cinnamon, clove, ginger, cardamom, anise and black pepper, it felt kind of Morroccan to me, so i thought it might work to add some chicken broth…

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