Bake #27 … Croissants

Bake 52

It’s the pastry that breakfast dreams are made of….flaky buttery croissants, preferably spread with even more butter, or filled with melted cheese…the cholestoral raising options are endless.

In no way was I under the impression that croissants were healthy, but I was ignorant as to quite how much butter would be involved. To make 20 croissants I used 500g of butter….. *gasp* But it was completely worth it, as I will never look at a shop brought one in quite the same way again.

The dough itself was surprisingly easy, a cross between a bread dough and a puff pastry, no complicated processes, just a little patience needed. The fiddley bit was cutting the triangle to roll (hint, pizza wheel instead of a knife is 100% better)

Nearly as good as the fresh hot croissants is the incredible smell of them baking! it is divine. Whilst croissants are quite a…

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