Sunday Sundries…

the happy pumpkin cafe

Summer seems to have arrived here in the UK, and I’ve been celebrating it with some of my favourite foods – summer fruits.  After my cherry infatuation of last week, this week I’ve been inspired to photograph strawberries and plums (I’ve also been inspired to eat them in large amounts).  I’d rather not have them cooked, just fresh, and in the case of strawberries with a few spoonfuls of Greek yogurt – bliss.

As for the photography, in the case of the strawberry I dropped it into a glass of fizzy lemonade to get some bubble action going on, then used a speedlite to light it against a white curtain.  I couldn’t decide whether to photograph the plums as dark and matte, because I love that velvety look, or add a mist of water, but eventually went with the latter.  I used a speedlite to light them again – in this…

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