Tried & Tasted: Red velvet chiffon cake

Oh My Papaya

I can’t resist any chiffon cake. They’re so airy and insubstantial I don’t feel guilty about polishing off a couple of large pieces. It’s like eating coloured clouds.

But I don’t really like cakes made with cooking oil as I love butter. So, when Sharon Chan shared her Red Velvet Chiffon Cake recipe with The Straits Times, I pounced on it with glee as she uses melted butter in place of the usual oil.

Top image: http://www[

Any cake I can manage to turn out should be manageable for almost anyone as my baking skills are minimal. I see myself as the one who puts the idiot-proof stamp on recipes, so if you’re a kitchen newbie, step this way.

red velvet 1red velvet

Compared with Sharon’s cake, mine is a pink-brown rather than red, but it tastes good and is moist. For the recipe go to the link:

To pretty it up…

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