Tasty Noodles From Aceh

Capture The Taste

Aceh noodles I was having an evening walk with my mom and my lovely Chihuahua called Jessie. I never had the time to walk on the evening since I get off from work at around 6 to 6.30. And that day I got an early leaving from work. The Muslims here were having their first day of fasting, hence the early leaving. Most schools even had a day off or two.

There’s this new food court near my place just opened about a few weeks ago. I live in Bandung, Indonesia, and people here usually sell local foods, Chinese, or Western. So the banner “Mie Aceh” or Aceh Noodles interests me, because Aceh is located in North Sumatra, means another island. Why not give it a try?

My mom told me that we have tasted Aceh Noodles before, but it was ages ago. I must have forgotten the taste of course! When I…

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