P52 28/52 No Boil Spaghetti

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I wanted to make #1 Grandson spaghetti because he asked me for it, but thinking about it I wasn’t really comfortable using a whole stockpot of water to boil the pasta then dump the water down the drain. Since I live in CA and we’ve got mandatory water restrictions in place it just seemed wasteful to me.  I couldn’t think of anything else to do with the used water.

But,  I thought, ” I’ve tried a No Boil Lasagna recipe and liked it, so why not try Spaghetti too?”

I dug out my crock-pot which is my favorite method for making sauce and crumbled in some leftover meatloaf, poured in 2 jars of my favorite sauce, doctored it up with some Italian herbs, and a half cup of so of water, and set the crock-pot on low to cook all afternoon.  40…

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