Strawberry Hazelnut Chocolate Tart!

Jane's Patisserie

Fresh Strawberries, Chopped Hazelnut, and a Delicious Chocolatey Filling in a Sweet Shortcrust Pastry Case – Deeeeelicious.


I have made a few Tart & Dessert recipes in my short time doing this blog, and I have really neglected doing many more, which I realise I should have done sooner. I have made so many Cheesecakes which are lovely and all, but I realise that some people dooo actually want something different! And this, this will make up for that!

The combination of Strawberries & Chocolate has always been my utter Downfall, I would eat some fresh Strawberries with a bowl of melted Chocolate every time I felt crappy, and this was quite often, so you can imagine the amount I have eaten over my time! This led me to create this beauty. I realise that Nutella is a Hazelnut Chocolate spread, but after the success of my Ferrero Rocher &…

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