Bell Pepper Italian Salad

Brad & Heather's

I fell in love with this pasta salad when I went to Whole Foods a while back and I cannot find it anymore not to mention their stuff is stupid expensive sometimes. Whole foods had it labeled as “Mediterranean Salad” in their deli department. When I google “Mediterranean salad” I get balsamic vinegar and cherry tomato recipes (EW! Gross). It took me a while to find what I wanted.

I made this salad on Sunday night and it could have easily provided lunches for me all week long. Sadly, I didn’t end up eating all of the pasta I made so I might have to figure out smaller portions. I had lunch plans to eat out already this week and I’m too picky to eat something that old. I recommend making little bits every other day if old cucumbers freak you out too. #ItsATextureThing


  • Tri-Colored Pasta
    • I used 3 cups of wheat Fusilli
  • 1/2 a…

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