Oreo Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Blondies

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After experimenting with M&M cookies last week, I wanted to make something delicious with Oreos this week. To make it a little bit more decadent, I decided to add mini-marshmallows to the mix as well, and top it off with a couple of chocolate chips. The result: Oreo marshmallow chocolate chip blondies. Quite the mouthful, I know.

I’d never really tried baking with marshmallows before, so I had no idea how they were going to react to 35 minutes of extreme heat. Turns out: they disappear! They complete melted into the mixture, so you’ve got the taste, but you don’t have the texture apart from a bit of stickiness here and there (mostly at the top). If you decide to make these and you do want the texture of the marshmallows to be incorporated, take a look at the suggestion I put in a quote in the recipe. I haven’t tried this…

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