The Real Fit Girl

IMG_1050 Would you just… LOOK AT IT?

Sometimes, your parents grow a giant zucchini and chop it up for dinner as “steaks”. Then you have leftovers and figure you might as well try making hashbrowns out of them for Sunday morning, while you’re watching Animal Planet and Swamp People.

Hashbrowns is a generous term for these because potatoes and zucchini don’t have the same texture, like, at all. But zucchini is growing on me a lot, it still knows how to charm all on their own.

I paired it with an easy-as-hell bacon and scallion omelette. All together, a pretty good high protein, low carb breakfast. Easy to mix up if you don’t jive with any of those ingredients, either.

All in all, I’d recommend this if you need a filling breakfast for a rest day. I know I needed one. I tried hot yoga again and it kicked my ass, but…

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