A Dolla Makes Me Holla Honey Boo Boo Child

That’s So Jacob

There’s a magical, wonderful place that exists in almost every town that is capable of making dreams come true. It’s not Target, or Starbucks…it’s…


I was just hanging around this afternoon, and I realized that I needed something. I can’t remember what it was, but I had this crazy idea that maybe, just maybe, the dollar store might have it for a decent price. (…)

So, I went to the Dollar Tree over in Middleton, and I must not have been in a dollar store for a long time, because I completely forgot…they have everything there. And it’s all just a dollar. Or less! They have 89-cent candy bars, the regular sized ones and not the gas station/Walgreens/airport steroid-jumbo sizes! And before you say anything, yeah, I know that a ton of the stuff in the dollar store is crap, but if you bought it, well…

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